• Friday, August 11th, 2017

Business consultants usually advise businesses using study, statistics, analysis, etc. etc.; which are critical to a successful small business consultation.However, by only using these techniques, consultants are still shortchanging their clients and small businesses; in a couple ways. Consultants need to use every tool at our disposal to give small business owners a deep understanding of their consumers interests…based on triggered emotions (which is not only the basis for most purchases a customer makes; but also necessary knowledge for a business consultant to have when giving their clients high quality marketing and advertising advice). Business forms are examples of a very useful tool that can be used for this purpose. Along with this, consultants need to understand how to push their creative thinking to its limit (something largely overlooked) therefore giving them “limitless” potential to provide clients the kind of well-rounded consulting to improve ALL aspects of ANY business.

My name is Steve Dresel, and I am a unique business consultant. I have the ability to combine business study with BRILLIANT CREATIVE THINKING, to give small businesses original and incredibly effective tips on how to make the most long-term profit from their business. I set up a website so that I could give people a “true showcase” of my business consulting mind, and my potential to help any business succeed.On it, you’ll see pages with a variety of ideas for improving a variety of business (small and simple along with large and elaborate); all of which took me just a weekend to come up with.I’ve given you a sample of this below (related to Bed and Breakfasts). So take some time, check out my site, and at least entertain yourself with my thought provoking small business tips, along with funny and inspirational stories of business success.

Though not strictly for romance and couples, B&B’s usually stay in business because of them.Many offer romantic items for couples rooms like chocolates, wine/champagne, flowers, bath baskets, etc etc., etc..Here’s another way to charm your guests.Since most of these B&B’s have websites and email, why not use this to help more personalize your guests rooms before their arrival.Purchase different sized picture frames, and an extremely high-quality photo printer. For a fee, the “significant other” could surprise their partner by sending you important photos of them (or their family, pets, their first date, wedding, children, etc. etc.) to frame and place in their room before they arrive. This is an easy and novel way to impress your guests; being that it is a step above what most B&B’s offer in giving that more memorable, personal, and romantic experience.

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