• Wednesday, August 09th, 2017
Politics have been a very serious thing since day one. This is why a lot of people are into it and would debate from the bottom of their lungs just to prove a point. It often relates to the candidates they bet on. Especially during elections, a lot of individuals would pop out of social media and start to give their thoughts which can be a good thing because it provides healthy learning for people.

But, they should at least see the how the candidates act as normal people or if they ever have pets. It might spark another conversation since politics and pets are widely discussed today. Domestic animals such as dogs and cats for instance are strong figures in politics. There is only a need for everyone to grasp that fact. They play a big role especially for campaigning and candidates must consider.
Metaphor is still there but this often relates to what is happening in real life. Even presidents, they got dogs at home which could be surprising. It may be the secret to their success and motivation. So, it should never be ignored. A candidate or politician must do his best to have his pet involved in his day to day activities. As long as that pet is handled properly, then there would not be any issues.
One good thing about animals especially cats, dogs, and birds is that they are influential. They can create this phenomenon particularly on the internet which would often make others pay attention. It implies that they can attract tons of people even in person. Thus, they are perfect for politics.
A politician would not have a hard time making logos anymore because these creatures are easy to draw. And, they are also suited as subjects for a campaign. Having animals in a campaign is also a way to convey a message. This may be differently interpreted but it would really help.
People would surely gain more credibility from their supporters. When citizens know that a politician has a pet, they might change their minds and support their bets even more. This shows how caring that person is. Basically, it captures the heart of countless individuals which can be relevant.
Owning a pet in general is stress relieving. Studies have shown this one and it does not matter if a normal person, celebrity, president, senator, or anyone would have it. As long as that person is very serious about raiding the pet, then he can possibly succeed in his endeavors.
This will serve as a companion. Some are living alone and it might be hard for them to express their thoughts if no one is around. Well, they should get themselves some pets since they help in easing the feelings of someone. Even if a dog or cat cannot understand, at least they are loyal.

Using such animals as figures for campaigns would help them big time. People just do not understand it but dogs, cats, and everything else would be treated properly. This prevents animal abuse at the very least. It enlightens everyone.
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